At present we produce single-place sidecars - 562, model 563, model 565 and model 700. Their maintenance is not demanding, and due to the laminated and plastic parts of the body these sidecars feature a long service life.

The luggage compartment behind the seat is at all models. The sidecars are equipped with protective wind shield by default, the model 700 has the tilting protective shield, the upper part of body with protective shield of the model 565 is also tilting(for easier boarding). The sidecars are equipped with brakes (drum break) and with new swinging fork with newly designed progressive suspension - this means better stable and driving properties, the wheel axis has  20mm. The models 562 and 700 have the wheel with dimensions of 3,50 x 16" (felly 2,15 x 16"), the model 565 has its wheel 130/90 x 16" (felly 2,50 x 16").

The sidecar 565 is supplied with reinforced frame by default, its mudguard is wider and the entry step before the mudguard is larger. Its seats are more luxurious as well as inside upholstery.

The model 563 means the combination of the chassis 565 and the body 562.

The sidecars are supplied in black colour by default, we can provide also the custom-made colour according to the client´s wish (for example per the scale RAL, auto-moto tints or owen supplied sample). By option we also perform combined colours or we can prepare our own design. For mounting of sidecars to the motorcycles of mark Jawa we supply the set of special fixing elements. The sidecars can be mounted also on other motorcycles, usually using the universal fixation part but some elements must be individually adapted or be custom-made produced for the specific model of motorcycle.

The sidecars can be equipped with following accessories: cover of entry space, anti-rain roof, luggage rack, front protective frame.

Delivery terms depend on the type and the quantity 2-4 weeks after binding order.